White jumbo, ivory jumbo, ivory hybrid? Saks or NM?


Which flap?

  1. Stark white jumbo caviar classic flap with old chain & silver h/w from Saks (EGC)

  2. Ivory medium/large hybrid distressed flap with MM lock from Saks (EGC)

  3. Dark white/ivory jumbo classic caviar flap with new chain silver h/w from NM (double points)

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  1. Hi ladies, I'm trying to purchase my second Chanel flap. I have a medium/large black caviar classic flap with gold h/w. I was hoping my 2nd would be a red but alas I have to be more patient. I can't make up my mind between Saks (EGC today) or NM (double points) and which bag. Please help! Thanks so much :confused1:
  2. I like the stark white Chanel makes.and the way it pops out against dark colours so I vote for this!
    My second choice would be the ivory jumbo with the new chain!
    Can't advise on stores since i'm in Europe!keep us posted on your decision!:yes:
  3. my choice will be the dark white jumbo flap bag with modern chain in silver HW...gorgeous~
  4. I love the distressed look in everything but would go for the dark white/ivory caviar flap with silver chain :drool:
  5. i love the stark white jumbo! its so pretty and i like the classic chains much better...get more leather for your money right? haha well even then those chains are more recognizably chanel and chanelspell is right, it really pops and since its "winter white" u can wear it all four seasons! :heart:
  6. i find the MM lock quite difficult to close...lol but thats just me
  7. I just brought the Dark white/ivory jumbo classic caviar flap with new chain silver h/w from NM ,it is sooo pretty!! I love the new chain!!:drool:
  8. The stark white stands out against darker and brighter colors; however, IMO it's too white, so I voted for the dark white instead. hehe
  9. I like the winter white classic.
  10. Stark white vote here. I think if you are going to go for it, you have to really GO for it :biggrin:
  11. I voted Dark White with new chain. So gorgeous!
  12. I like white jumbo with old chain...

    I went to CC boutique last week, and saw hybrid (small) with new chain and I felt a bit disappointed...the new chain looks good in pics, but it looks cheap in real life (compare to old chain), JIMO ..:sad:

    So, I called my Saks store (that they pre-sale me the hybrid with new chain) and cancelled my order....:sweatdrop: