white jumbo flap or this??

  1. Ladies...sorry to nagging here all the time asking for your opinion..anyway..on my last thread I asked you to choose between yellow, white flap and modern chain..and seems like everybody vote for white..so I've so sure I'm gonna get the white.. untilll I so this one... what do you think ?? Which one you think is harder to find later?? is the white always be there? please help me out...
    new brownnn.jpg
  2. I think this very much depends on what colors you wear, what colors make you happy and so on. Make sure if you get this it is not just a "mood" buy, in other words, that you had not seen this color and so you got it, cause you might not end up using it. Now, if you have been looking for this color and you just found it then get it. Otherwise, maybe get the white for now, but if you just cannot stop thinking of this one then get it as well.
  3. i had this bag at one point. i never used it, but i can tell you the color will transfer onto your lighter clothing. this color will also show scratches very easily.
  4. i still vote for white caviar flap:yes:
  5. Definitely the white jumbo.
  6. white jumbo!:yes:
  7. is this the jumbo brownish orangish color hybrid from 2007? can u tell me where i can get this bag please? thx.
    oh and i have white jumbo flap, as much as i love this bag, but white is very hard to maintain, espc the back part, it always rubs into darker color and git the color transfer from jeans etc.
  8. loveaddict: call damian, he got this one in stock.
  9. savannah: wow..you save my life...thanks for the info
  10. I like the white...the brownish color looks a little weird to me.
  11. I vote for white jumbo :smile:
  12. white caviar flap! :love:
  13. White!
  14. i also don't prefer the one in the picture. But, i am in the minority and don't really feel the jumbo in white. Personally, i like a bag i could carry all year round. This is just my opinion.
  15. I love the White Jumbo Flap! I have to vote for this one!