white jumbo flap or black diagonal cc?!?!

  1. so with Saks' EGC event :yahoo:coming up im thinking of getting one of the two! but which one!?! i love both to death, and both are classic and timeless! I already have the E/W in black caviar and the medium ultimate soft in black and im getting the khaki baby cabas soon! :nuts: So both the jumbo and diagonal cc would be different from what i already have...ohhhh help me girls! give me the pros :tup:, cons :tdown:, everything! and i know some of u could be biased towards the classic flap...:nogood:

  2. oops i forgot to post some pictures! here they are borrowed from fellow tpfers :smile:
    Chanel Diagonal CC.jpg Chanel White Jumbo 2.jpg
  3. Hi, welcome to tpf.. since you already have 2 chanel blacks bag and bronze baby cabas coming on the way... you should complete your collection by adding white classic flap!! its a beautiful timeless bag! PRO: the caviar is very durable, its perfect for anytime bag and the size of jumbo is the best!!. :tup:
  4. I'm voting for the white jumbo too!
  5. White Jumbo Is Gorgeous!
  6. if i get the white jumbo, should i get lambskin or caviar?
  7. Get the white jumbo in caviar. It's gorgeous!
  8. Hi lil! Get the white jumbo in caviar! This comes from a person who loves the leather of the diagonal and is a lambskin fan lol!The white caviar jumbo though really stands out and caviar will make it much easier for you to maintain!Stunning piece!:drool:
  9. white jumbo all the way! :p
  10. Definitely white jumbo caviar.
  11. Get the white caviar jumbo!!!!! It's classic and more durable!! :love::tender:
  12. Another vote for the white classic flap.
  13. White vote here too, and I think with white, Caviar is the only way to go!! :smile:
  14. Another vote for the caviar white jumbo:tup:
  15. White caviar jumbo! :tender: