White Jumbo Cavier... Where?

  1. Hi all,
    I'm just wondering if it is hard to find a white jumbo cavier leather classic bag? I've seen one for US$1999 and am wondering if that is the best price available and which boutiques stock it? TIA! :heart:
  2. I think I paid 1695 for mine at NM last year.
  3. Is it easy to maintain?
  4. I know my NM has a white jumbo in lambskin.
  5. Any idea how much it's retailing for?
  6. I was just at SCP yesterday and they had the white jumbo, medium/large, and e/w caviar flaps all w/silver hardware. They also had the white GST w/silver. The caviar is so easy to maintain, it pracitcally takes care of itself!:yes:
  7. Do they ship overseas?
  8. NM does ship overseas. My store in San Antonio has a few. They are $1695.
  9. anyone seen a very light beige or ivory, in a jumbo or large caviar? :smile:
  10. I just bought a white jumbo caviar at my NM in Tysons Corner, VA this weekend, they had at least one more of them.