White Jumbo Caviar Flap

  1. I am thinking of getting the flap before the price hike next month. Can some of you that already own this bag tell me how it is holding up. Are there any concerns with regard to color transfer. If you do get a mark on it, is it fairly easy to remove. I have never had a white bag, but I would so love this. I will be doing the really white one as I want the old chain. TIA for all your help!!!!! Oh. do you think this will be hard to get in white right now. I am wanting to get it at NM for double reward points this week!!!! Thanks!!!
  2. wrong post, sorry.
  3. I have the dark white jumbo flap, I love the white jumbo . caviar is care free, go for it!
  4. I'm getting the same exact bag this thursday for Saks egc!!! yay we're going to have twin bags!!! i love it and i just can't wait! it looks really sturdy and able to tough it so yea...get it! :heart:
  5. ^-- hey we'll all be triplets! I'm getting one also!
  6. oooh spooky, I am waiting for my first jumbo to come too and its the white.

    I would say if you can find it, definately go for it, but with this one I would definately advise to go for caviar only!!! Gosh lambskin and white, would probably last 5 mins in my care :biggrin:

    Let us know on Thursday how you all get on ;)
  7. I have the old white caviar jumbo... about 2 years old???... cant remember.... but anyways, when I do use it, I find i have no probs with my jeans color transfer or whatever I may be wearing... its held up pretty well, but I must emphasis that I havent used it as much as I should... its definitely a very pretty bag indeed... I would avoid using it messenger style when wearing jeans though!
  8. I used it pretty much and only towards the end did I see a tad of color transfer on the back of it. I panicked a bit and took some applegarde conditioner and it removed every trace of it pretty effortlessly. Go for it. I have it in Jumbo and love it so much that I bought the white medium flap as well a few weeks ago.
  9. What about having it worn as a messenger style? Any problems with jeans transfer?
  10. Thanks for the heads up, Luccibag! (I have a bright white caviar jumbo, just purchased a few weeks ago.) I'll have to remember to get applegarde conditioner - not cleaner. :rolleyes:
  11. I love the white jumbo caviar. I was concerned about color transfer too but I haven't noticed anything so far. I've had it about a year and it looks as good as the first day I bought it. Mind you, I'm really careful about my bags and always store them in their dustbags, but I've worn it with jeans and have had no problem. So I say go for it! It looks lovely in silver hardware.
  12. wow...what a popular item for tomorrows egc for us all, lol. we'll be quintuplets?
  13. I'm getting a jumbo caviar flap too.