white jumbo all year round?

  1. hi everyone,

    do people wear white chanel bags all year round? if so, would you get a white jumbo classic instead of the med/lg black classic? i have a black jumbo large with silver h/w. thanks, just can't make decisions!!!
  2. i see white chanel bags year round here in LA but I can't say the same for the rest of the country...If you already have a black jumbo, I'd prob consider the same or diff size bag in another color. HTH!
  3. I live in the midwest, and the seasons seem to be meshing together more each year. One day it's 75 the next 46. So I'm ammending my opinion on wearing white all year: I would wear a white caviar or distresses leather all year now, whereas I wouldn't a few years back. White is fresh and new and perks up an all black, winter outfit.:yes:

    Alittle unsure about lamb:hrmm:. I think it might get salt stained.
  4. I live in the Northeast and the stark white look jarring in the winter and I would not consider carrying my white classic. However, a winter white, ivory or beige, works fine. I tried the white, white at the end of last winter and it looked so wrong against the black winter coat. (I'm talking that white, white, chalky white.) The perforated flap white, which was creamy looked much better. (And I know some of you are going to different and carry that white bag in the winter, bless you for going out on that limb with a saw :smile:

    It does depend what part of the country one lives whether that chalky white bag te is going to look out of place or not

    I would think if you have a black classic already, then veer into the other colors or another style (perhaps a reissue, if you're a flap lover).
  5. Im wondering the same thing too right now.

    I have always thought of white bags as strictly spring/summer only, but gosh I know when mine arrives I will want to use it immediately ;)

    Bearing in mind you already have the jumbo in black, I would definately consider the white or a beige, as you would then have a jumbo for every day :smile:
  6. I think dark white is an all-year round white. Stark white, probably not -- at least in the cold northeast US.
  7. Yeah I'm originally from NYC, but reside in MD and would not wear a true white bag in the winter. I think beige, and off white is ok. I'm strange because I follow the no white after labor day rule. Does that apply nowadays? LOL
  8. I try not to let those rules dictate what colors I wear but I do find that in the midst of a dreary winter season I dont really feel like carrying an all white bag so that is the reason I dont. Although I always say I am going to, I simply dont feel like it come winter. I seem to want darker richer colors.
  9. I live in the rainy cloudy Seattle area and will not wear my white jumbo caviar again until late spring. I would wear beige, cream or winter white though.
  10. I'd wear the beige year round, but not white-white... especially not if you live in an area that has snow.