white julie tote

  1. I'm a nebie to this post and need some sage advice. I usually don't like white bags, but theere is a white BV tote (julie), that is beautiful. Can you only wear white bags in the summer...should i get it
  2. Welcome, lovelux! The Julie is a popular bag. White year round might depend on where you live. I live in a warm climate, so it could be used anytime. If you really love it, even if you decide to use it part of the year, it might be worth it.

    Have you seen one in a store? Online, they are sold out. Good luck deciding.
  3. I think the Julie is beautiful, as are most white bags! (just not for dirty messy me! :p)

    I'm from Singapore - tropical all year round, so we don't have that issue of "Spring" colours. But I'm sure a white Julie would look fab all year round! :yes:
  4. I say go for it - the sale prices makes it a great bargain especially with the cervo texture. i dont think it will look stark white, probably an ivory colour which will be more versatile.
  5. I think the "white before Labor Day" rule is a thing of the past. Winter whites are very fashionable, so it just depends on how you will wear it and are comfortable pulling it off! IMO, it is more versatile than pastels (like Magnolia etc.). The only restriction I see is weather -- I wouldn't use it in the rain/snow etc.! I agree with gingerale and lean towards more of an ivory/cream......which BTW, if you live in the US, are both available on Bluefly right now! :graucho:

    Also, welcome to tPF and, note, we are notorious enablers! :supacool:
  6. I am from Southern California, white bags can be worn year-round here. =)
  7. Thanks everyone!!!! I appreciate the advice from the experts.