White Julia or Quilted Blake?

Jan 10, 2006
Hi guys. Need some more help. I returned my patent chalk Elise because didn't want to chance the color turning to yellow over time. Decided to stick with leather in white. I brought home a Julia which the SA told me was a new style. I had gone in there to look at a quilted Blake, but they didn't have any - just the non-quilted version. I saw that I can get a quilted Blake online at NM. What is your opinion? I wish I could post pics, but I am a computer dummy:sick: and don't know how. If anyone else can, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
I love the Blake. It is so functional and fabulous looking! Go for it!!!

They are both great bags but if pressed to choose, I think I'd go with the blake. It's so gorgeous in that color with the quilting, and I love the gold hardware with the white!
I like the Blake better than the Venetian, only because I don't like the idea of having to open the "belt" to get into the bag. The Blake also has those nice compartments.