White Jeans?

  1. I just got a pair of Seven's white jeans and I need help.. what top(s) should I wear with them?
  2. Are you looking for a top you can wear to work or tops for going out for drinks/clubbing?

    I think you can wear just about any top with white jeans...IMO your top should coordinate with your shoes. For example, I sometimes wear a fun black top (by Shine) with my white jeans but then wear black shoes to 'anchor' the look, if that makes sense.

    I've seen some people wear a white tank with white jeans and then a bold brown or black belt but I can't do the white on white very well...I look like a clorox spokesperson :lol: .
  3. I just bought my first pair of "Designer" Denim. they are a pair of Sevens, very comfy.
  4. The white on white thing would never work for me! Anyways, I'm just looking for everyday outfits, or maybe a dinner outfit since my birthday is coming up?
  5. Jcrew favorite tank with a hip hugging wide belt like the ones on bloomingdales.com for casual everyday and Ingwa Melero tops at revolveclothing.com or Shopbop.com for dressing up.
  6. for a cheaper sort, guess.com has the cutest tops. my fave (i bought them a few months ago dont know if theyre still there) are the angelina tanks.. sooo cute i have it in 4 colours! :heart:
  7. I've got white rock and republics with a gold crown. I like to wear them with a fitted knitted v-neck jumper (cream) and beige chloe paddington loafers.

    I also wear them with a brown cotton smock top and brown chloe paddington loafers.
  8. Any top will look great with white jeans. White is a neutral color.
  9. yes, almost anything will work b/c white is a great neutral
  10. If the all white doesn't work for you then break it up. Use sleeveless zipper hoodie. Cute look. Also DARK BROWN looks good with white...
  11. I wear every color with the white jeans! Since it's Fall, I would opt for more jewel tones or richer colors.
  12. White jeans in winter - love it! It is cold where you are? If I were to wear white jeans over here in chilly London I would wear them with sleek fine knitwear in grey tones, neutral browns or black with a stunning thick belt.

    Just another opinion :idea:on white jeans...
  13. I like white classic button down shirts with white jeans. And a white belt with gold hardware or tan belt with gold hardware. I throw a tan cardigan or blazer over it sometimes.

    Or a patterned chiffon top, favorites are blue or green. Again, gold accents.

    Or a black blouse/top and a white blazer.

    Lots of things work with white jeans because they are classic. For winter I especially like wearing monochromatic white outfits in classic cuts.