white jeans with riding boots...

  1. i saw a russian lady who wore this at the mall,not the kentucky derby, and it looked really chic.

    would i look too much like a polo player? haha.
    i know my friends are going to make fun of me if i wear this outfit..i can just hear the bad jokes in my head..
    "hey,where's your horse?"
    "did the kentucky derby move to california?"
    "when did you start working for ralph lauren?"

    what do you guys think? yay or nay?
  2. i've added a photo, so you guys can get a visual.
  3. I realy think it depends on the type of jeans, like the style of them. If the jeans are thinner like those jeans that are made out of 2% spandex, perhaps from jbrand? I think it could work. Especially if they are the skinny jeans. It also depends on what you wear on top.. but I can totally picture it in my head and it can definitely look cute!!! You can pull it off without making it look equestrian!
  4. I think its a badass combo. I love it. Even if you do kind of look like a polo player, thats still really cool ;)

    Just maybe don't wear a polo shirt with it. Or a helmet. Then you're good.
  5. love the look, just DON'T wear a polo shirt on top, but a plain black top maybe?

    have fun!
  6. I've never seen anyone here wearing that look, but I think it could work.
  7. Totally hot! When I was in Cabo San Lucas at Christmas, I saw this look repeatedly. White denim skinnies with tall black boots (either flat or with a heel). I even came back and posted something about it on TPF. I ordered a pair of J Brand 12" white skinnies. I have the boots. I was waiting for Spring to arrive a bit more in Seattle. Mabe this weekend.

    Definitely, a cute look!
  8. I think it can totally work as well! I think a nice loose fitting shirt (like a men's shirt in xs or s) would look good with it! just play around and see what feels comfortable!
  9. I've seen someone wear that and it looks nice,
  10. it could work. I say yay.
  11. I think you could rock it! :tup: I plan to do my white skinny Sevens with camel knee high pebbled leather boots... I just need it to not blizzard outside haha. :p
  12. Love it and done it. Only the jealous ones will make fun of your cool look. Top quality stuff that screams luxury a plus.
  13. i think i might be lashing out by wearing this outfit, because i never got a horse i asked for when i was little. hahahahah

    thanks to you guys i will wear this outfit with confidence!! thanks for your imput gals!!
  14. No! Only reason anyone should be wearing riding boots is if they're about to ride a horse, are on a horse, or just got off a horse. Please leave the riding gear at the stables.

  15. i completely disagree with you about the riding boots.i think they look good with almost everything. actually r.boots were really popular on almost every runway the last few seasons...i think r.boots are classic. what else would you wear in the winter? uggs?:yucky: