White jeans...is it a Yay or Nay for you???

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  1. Just curious. I haven't worn white jeans in a long time. I recently got a pair but I'm not sure if I'm really diggin' them or not. So I was curious who wears white jeans or who won't, and your opinions. For those who do, how do you rock them? Black tee? What shoes, etc.? TIA!
  2. Nay for me :smile: Whenever I see them on people they are horibbly see-through! They would also be really hard to keep clean in my opinion, I would have all kinds of stains on me by the end of the day! But...here's an exception, my mom's friend almost ALWAYS wears white jeans or shorts, and they look awesome on her, she manages to avoid everything I said :smile:
  3. I say yay, but only from June-August.
  4. I say YAY - in the spring/summer.
  5. yay for me. In fact thats on my list for thing of the spring wardrobe.

    black top? come on, have fun with it!! maybe a girly blouse (green?,pink, yellow) with some matching pumps?

    there is so much you can do with white jeans. and they make you look sexy.
  6. LOL! You're right. I wear so much black that I purposely bought white jeans to get out of a rut...and the first thing I do is try to pair them with a black top??? LMBO! Old habits die hard!
  7. Here is an example of how you can dress up white pants:



    Obviously pair with a hobo, or clutch of your preferred choice. what do you think?

    maybe some hoop earrings?
  8. You had me at Louboutin. ;)

    Gorgeous outfit! You could be my personal shopper. lol Where is the top from?
  9. ^^ the top is BeBe

    jeans- J brand

    and shoes (obviously) Louboutin
  10. That's quite the spring/summer outfit you styled, JahpsonLoveYou! So cute. I bought the cutest pair of white jeans at the end of the summer last year, and can't wait to break them out. Now I just have to get the cute top and Louboutins to go with! :P
  11. OMG the shoes!! :love:

    i'd say yay, but preferably in the summer... with a pretty tunic. maybe something with a cool pattern, embroidery, florals... :]
  12. Totally yay! But living in SF makes it hard to wear them since it rains fairly often and our summers are pretty gloomy. But I love them and they are casual, but look a little more polished than blue jeans. I just make sure mine aren't too tight - I have a couple bootcut/flare pairs and I am on the hunt for a wide leg pair. The biggest issue I have is that the pockets show through. Why can't they make the pocket lining with beige fabric?
  13. I just bought a pair of white Joe's jeans on sale from Saks. I love the look for spring. I just ordered a pink gradient shirt to wear with them and will probably wear white wedges that I got last year or white flip flops.
  14. OMG I love that purple top from Bebe :smile:! I am going to buy some white skinny jeans for this summer. Also maybe a pair of white slim cropped pants. I am thinking of doing a "nautical" type of look.
  15. Yay with restrictions.

    I would wear them, but for whatever reason when I wear white jeans I look too skinny. So it has to be the perfect pair that's cut just right.