White J12 Watch - wear in winter also?

  1. For some reason the white J12 has caught my attention but my question is - do you wear the white all year round or is it more seasonal/warm weather wear? TIA!
  2. I just wore my white one today, and it's winter in NJ. I have a black and a white J12, and while I do wear them both, I wear the white one more, and I do wear it all year round. It's not a stark bright white, it's more of a creamy white.
  3. Winter > snow > white > I say yes :yes:
  4. yep, its the sort of thing I dont even think about, I will definately wear mine all year round :smile:
  5. I wondered the same thing when I considered the J12 but I dont find that rule applies to watches at all. It isnt stark white either but if anything its a great pop of color against black. I've been wearing my white one all winter.
  6. thanks all!! Yikes............
  7. If I had a j12, I'd wear it everywhere... and I mean everywhere. :graucho: :blush: So far that hasn't convinced the DH :dots:
  8. Hello, I am seriously considering a white J12 (plain, no diamonds) for Mother's Day. Do you lucky white J12 owners wear it year round or do you consider it a "summer" watch? I would get a black one but my dear sis has one and I don't want to be a copycat!

    Also, I am interested in the smaller (33) size since I have tiny wrists and hands. However, this size isn't automatic, correct? I don't have good luck with watches that I have to wind and do better with battery operated watches.

    Thanks for any feedback!:biggrin:
  9. Well, I don't have a white J12, but I really do think it's a year round watch that looks particularly fabulous in the summer.

    I also have a 33 (black) and yes, the 33s are quartz (battery). I have better luck with quartz too.
  10. Yes, I believe the automatic is only available in 38 and 41 (mens) size. The J12 is soo gorgeous and its on my wishlist too but I can't stop buying bags! Lol!

    I think the J12 is great in white or black and both can be worn year round. If I had one I would definetly show it off as much as I could! ;) Be sure to post once you get the watch!
  11. Don;t own one..want one terribly!! But my mom has one in white in 38mm and it's an all year watch. I love it in white!!
  12. Like bulletproofsoul, I too have the 33 black with diamond markers and believe that both the black and white can be worn year round. They are so beautiful and durable that wearing anytime AND all the time is a must. My other watches are definitely jealous!
  13. i have a plain (no diamond) 33cm white j12 from years ago and wear it year around...so definitely good for all seasons and yes it's automatic
  14. It's a great watch. I have 2 in 38 black and white with diamonds marker. Both are gorgeous. I now wear them alternately depending on the mood and clothes and kept all other watches in the box. Call Nancy in the jewelry department at Saks in Chevy Chase MD to get the 10% discount. Damian Oto at Saks in PA is also great SA.
  15. The white J12 is definitely a year round watch IMHO. I see women wearing this watch every season. I would not restrict this beauty to the summer months.