Color White/Ivory/Cream Color Family- PICS ONLY!!!

  1. Please post any photos of your authentic Bottega Veneta bags in the White, Ivory or Cream color family.
    Please indicate the color name, color code, leather type, style, season and year of the bag you are posting. This is a picture thread only...NO CHATTER! Thank you.
  2. Pergamena french wallet, cervo, S/S 2007.
    Photo credit : my own


    Pergamena long continental wallet, cervo, S/S 2007.
    Photo credit : BV website

    PergamenaFrench1.jpg PergaFrenchinside1.jpg Cervo Continental Wallet Pergamena1.jpg
  3. Bianco Montaigne. Spring/Summer 07. Colour code 9000.
    DSCN1463.JPG DSCN1464.JPG
  4. Aurora, SS08
  5. WHITE MADISON TOTE S/S '05, nappa leather 125031 V0016 9084
    Picture 634 (Small).jpg Picture 635 (Small).jpg Picture 636 (Small).jpg
  6. Beige Cocker
    Beige Cocker.jpg
  7. Marmo suede men's shoes. SS08.

  8. Marmo Roma
    bv roma marmo new.jpg bv roma marmo new2.jpg
  9. Moments after her arrival, my White Grommet Hobo (aka Rivet Veneta):
    [​IMG] And filled with my stuff: [​IMG]
  10. Paille - tote and belly veneta from bryan
    214728 - PAILLE (1)-1.JPG 214728 - PAILLE (2)-1.JPG 232499 - PAILLE (1)-1.JPG 232499 - PAILLE (2)-1.JPG
  11. This is a good color reference shot from the BV website that should be here for future use.

    Spring 2010 colors (left to right): Cigar, Paille and Canevas
    BV Boutis.jpg
  12. I really like this bag in the canevas. Did we ever get measurements on this one, is it as small as it looks.
  13. SS2010 YOLK in various bags

    Intreccio Sfrangiato and Int Nuance
    239897 - 7140 (5)-1.JPG 237728 - 7108 (4)-1.JPG
  14. From Bryan in Hawaii

    Intreccio Nuvolato / Caimano...

    The entire body is made with tubular leather instead of flat "strips".
    The new weave is very special & completely different to others in the collection. In this case, the weave works horizontally, adding a new fettuccia for each passage. This technique is like crochet chaining each stitch to the other. As the work evolves, it is knotted regularly to highlight the intreccio and create vertical lines. This job requires skilled craftsmen as it is highly complex. The weaving stage alone takes 1 day. Adjustable handles are in Caimano/crocodile and embellished by 82 eyelets applied manually. Zip fastening pouch inside.

    Dimensions in CM: 36-38 (w) x 25 (h) x 16-17 (d)
    Handle: 17 (adjustable to become longer/shorter)
    239886 - 9371 (1)-1.JPG 239886 - 9371 (2)-1.JPG 239886 - 9371 (3)-1.JPG 239886 - 9371 (B)-1.JPG 239886 - 9371 (C)-1.JPG
  15. Canevas boutis spring/summer 2010
    boutis_2.jpg Boutis 4.jpg Boutis 8.jpg boutis_1.jpg