White inclusions? Help...

  1. I see Elux has a white inclusion barrette and wanted to know if & when they also made a white inclusion bracelet? Did the white inclusion come out the same time as the black and beige? Do any of the stores still carry them?

    Sorry I'm a little confused, I never really collected the inlcusion pieces but would love to buy a white inclusion bracelet pm.:graucho:
  2. No, there was never a white inclusion bracelet, only a transparent inclusion bracelet in GM and PM (small & regular). I think the white inclusions that you may be seeing are the barettes and keychain that have a solid white background and then are clear on top with the inclusions floating in between. The Transparent bracelet is completely clear with the inclusions floating inside. (One of my favorite bracelets!)

    The black and beige inclusions came out about two years ago - the black was the first one that I ever bought.... there were other colors previously (yellow, rose/pink...)

    Check out inclusion club in the Clubhouse.

    I think there was also a previous thread regarding all colors for inclusion - try doing a search.
  3. Yeah this was one of the things that bothered me, I wanted a white bangle instead of the clear. I wish the transparent would have been in addition to, not in place of, the white. The only white pieces were the barrettes, hair cubes, cell charms and Speedy keyrings, the bangles and rings were clear.
  4. Oh also, the order of the colors was:
    Yellow and Rose (05)
    Beige and Black (05)
    Framboise and White/Clear (06)
    Pomme (07)
    Amarante (07)
  5. ^^

    You are the Inclusion Queen!!! :smile::yes:
  6. A white inclusion bracelet would've been lovely. I remember, before the transparent was released many ladies here did expect a white inclusion.
  7. Call me crazy but in the picture posted above by peace43 isn't the bangle pictured second white? Or what color is that next to the transparent GM bracelet?

    ::Edit:: Ok I guess I AM crazy, that second one is yellow or beige?
  8. Lol I think Elle still is. :tup:
  9. Hers is the old rose PM one. It's a really light pink. :yes:
  10. Rebecca thanks for the link to the inclusion guide
  11. Ok thanks for clearing that up, sorry I really have no clue about the inclusion stuff! :blush:I hope one of these days LV does make a white inclusion bracelet, I would also love to see a deep sea blue/turquoise bracelet....now that would be something :smile:
  12. No problem! I'd also love a white, I guess I'd like it better than the transparent because it has those gorgeous pastel crystals inside.
    And ooh turquoise would be gorgeous, I'd also like a green of some kind.

  13. Here's a link to my Rose PM bracelet and just below in the link are some more pics of the other bracelets that I own:
    I have the following: Transparent GM, Rose PM, Framboise/Berry PM, Amarante PM, Transparent PM, Pomme/red PM, Beige PM, Black PM. I would like to get a Black GM - thought it was too big at the time it was available in the stores, but now I like the GM size.