White in winter?

  1. I bought a white Ali at the outlet last week and I LOVE it! My dd wanted to wrap it up for me so I'll open it on Christmas. I intended on using it right away but some good friends think I should wait until spring. What do ya'll think? Can I use my white Ali now? It's sort of a winter white anyway, you know, not pure white. I know it will be awesome as a spring/summer bag but I just don't want to wait that long!!! :yahoo:
  2. winter white is my favorite color :biggrin:

    it reminds me of snow so i say yes !!
  3. Go for it. I'd be careful about dirt that occurs with winter weather but other than that, I think the white looks great year round. It will contrast nicely with winter clothing. Enjoy your great new gift!
  4. Absolutely. White in the winter can be very chic!
  5. Do it! I wear my White Legacy Mandy year 'round.

    Your friends might be living under the old rules of 'no white in the winter'. Those days are gone, Enjoy your new bag!
  6. White shoes after Labor Day = no

    White bags all year round = yes!

    Enjoy that beautiful Ali!
  7. i see nothing wrong with white in winter.
    actually, i'm carrying a white bag right now.
    its not a coach, but. i'll be carrying a coach after christmas. :yahoo:
  8. I think it would be beautiful and the new rule on white after labor day is there is no rule.. even for shoes :tup: It is now cool to wear white after then! ;)
  9. This color white is the perfect white for winter, IMHO! That's why I love it! It's not a seasonal bag, it's great for year 'round!
  10. Yeah! I love you guys! I knew you would see it my way.

    I just can't WAIT to carry my new Ali.
  11. I know I couldn't / wouldn't wait!!

    Enjoy your bag!
  12. Be sure and show us pics when you get to open her!!! :yes: :drool:
  13. Of course!! I'm rocking my White Legacy Leather Slim Tote! Hmmm...maybe it needs a penguin or snowflake key fob to round out the perfect winter look...
  14. Yes I say wear it too ! I would wear it with a tan or blue or pink coat but not black. Oh I bet it would look cute with a coat with white fur trim on the hood, that would be cute like in camel or pink or baby blue.
  15. I think it would be cool (or warm) to wear any color you like whenever you like.