White in which style?

  1. Hi all, i went to my local place and saw they had the white cerf with gold cc (so hot) and the white GST with PH. i loved both but of course, will only walk out with one. i actually was having a dilemma with a brooklyn bag but i said to myself no more black bags!!

    which white do you think i should go with? the SA said for sure the white cerf will not last long in the store, but i don't want that to be the deciding factor. i do like that it's not as heavy as the GST and that it's got gold cc's, which sorta warms up the color.

    also, would you wear white bags in wintertime?
  2. I like the cerf over the GST esp in white with gold CC hardware!
    I do wear white in winter!I love the contrast with dark colours!;)
  3. I like the cerf more that GST.
  4. My vote goes to the Cerf.

    I only wear "stark" white in spring & summer
    "off white" year round
  5. I vote for the Cerf bag too. This is definitely on my long-term wishlist. I couldn't make the GST work for me because it jutted out too much when I put it on my shoulder.

  6. I love the Cerf!! I have one in black and it is my go to bag for everyday. I picked it over the GST because it was lighter and I like the fact it doesn't have the divider in the middle.
  7. thank goodness i made the right decision then... i went with you ladies, and decided the white cerf. it is a stark white and i definitely have to get used to it. i tried it on at home with my lightweight fall outfits and well as a heavy winter coat, and it looked smashing. this is my first all out white bag so my eye has to get used to the color.
  8. oh it sounds fabulous, please share a pic!! I love my cerf, wish I could find a white one to go with the black.