White Hudson....still available?

  1. Has anyone seen a white Hudson in any of the MJ stores? I am thinking about purchasing a white bag for Summer, but I don't usually like white bags. I do like the Hudson in white, though. :tup:
  2. It's probably still available at the MJ stores... it was a Spring 07 release so it might still be there. I think the darker colors sold out first. Good luck! Let us know if you find it!
  3. Thanks, Thithi...I'm trying to decide what my next purchase will be. Next month is my birthday and I think I may buy a new MJ bag as a birthday gift to me! LOL. Trying to decide between a white Hudson, a Patchwork Stam in Cherry Tart, Quilted Stam in Truffle or searching for the elusive Topaz Stam. I would love to buy a white bag for Summer. I don't usually wear white bags, but I think the Hudson would be nice. I'm sure I'll see tons more I like before I make a decision.
  4. Let us know if you get it rorosity! My birthday is next week and I'm definitely also going to gift myself with a few MJ goodies. :p:graucho:
  5. I think a white Hudson would be spectacular... for some reason I feel that it would really stand out.