White House Black Market Clearence Sale

  1. Thank you. I love White House Black Market.
  2. i like their clothes as well, but have had horrible luck with their quality...it falls apart quickly, imho.
  3. Use 8295 with your American Express card to get 20% off. Expire on 7/31/07
  4. i TOTALLY agree! I am so much more into quality over quantity (thus my clothes lasts forever) however, was quickly disappointed with WHBM quality. (before i realized that) one particular season, i bought a bunch of cute stuff and spent a lot to get them nicely tailored(dresses,tops...) but unfortunately i quickly realized they weren't going to last too long. :sad: I still do buy their products (some seasons they just come out with cute/unique stuff that;s readily avail) but i buy it knowing it's more for a particular occasion and not long term. :shrugs:
  5. Thanks for the heads up on quality! Those prices are a little high for stuff that will fall apart so I am glad I didn't buy anything. TPF saves me again!
  6. I've tried things on but never ended up buying anything, thanks for the heads up!
  7. If you can find a WHBM store nearby, the sales is much better. Most of them are additional 50% on top of the sale.
  8. Agreed. I always buy for quality but occasionally throw in cute/cheap items every season. That said, its not even worth it for WHBM. Looks so cheap...
  9. Ya, I got some stuff last wk and the 50% off on top of everything was great!! :nuts:
  10. thanks for posting!