White Hippie Bag gets Noticed!

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  1. Who would ever guess that my white hippie bag would get so much attention? I had to run into my son's school today, and I make a point never to carry a logo bag there. I have carried Bulga, Kooba, Michael Kors and others, though, and no one ever seemed to notice.

    Today I walked in with my white leather hippie bag. I only had to walk about the length of two classrooms down the hall to the office and back again to the door, and FOUR people noticed my bag! Two of them said they loved my Coach, one of them asked if it was Coach and one just said it was beautiful.

    I've never received so much attention from any bag before (though I haven't carried Coach to school before, either), and I was shocked that a non-siggy print bag would get so much notice. Who'd have guessed?
  2. Isn't it fun when people recognize your bag (and your wonderful taste :graucho:)?

    The white definitely stands out and i think the turnlock and the shape state *COACH* even though it's not a sig. bag.

    I also think Coach is more widely recognized than the other brands you've carried (although i'm sure they were equaly beautiful).

    The Hippie is so fun. Enjoy!!
  3. The white hippie is really striking, and people can't help notice it because 1)the style and color together are gorgeous, and 2) because it sits lower, I think it catches people's attention.

    Post some pics!;)
  4. See, Coach ROCKS!! It's so cool when our bags get noticed!
  5. i miss my white hippie :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  6. What happened to it?
  7. oh... i had this big issue with cleaning it and marks coming off on it and the dye coming off in some areas and i ended up sending it back to coach to see if they could redye it.. they could not, so i ended up getting credit :crybaby: