White Handbags

  1. are they in or out. I read in instyle white bags are last season but i love them what do you think
  2. There are a bunch at Nordstrom right now, so I'd say still in.
  3. please any more advice
  4. White bags will be always be in, just like black bags. And who cares if it's in or not, the only thing that matters is that you love it.
  5. I think white and black bags will always be 'in'. I do not own one, however... fear of dirt! haha
  6. I think they will always be "in" for Spring and Summer. More people started wearing them all year round, especially in warmer climates.

    I just bought my first white, white bag (a MJ Venetia) and am looking forward to wearing it in Spring/Summer.
  7. White bags will always be in! They are so hot and chic! I just don't have one because I'm scared to death of getting them dirty.
  8. I think white bags area always in. Even during the winter! That would look hot! Especially with some snow. That's cute!
  9. I don't think white bags ever go 'out', I think it's just a matter of if you like them, and also if you can keep them clean!
  10. white bags are like black and brown bags .... a staple. Styles may change but the color white will always be in fashion.
  11. I like to coordinate my bags based on what color clothes I'm wearing. xD

    So no color bag can ever really be "out" for me.
  12. White is a basic color.. its not a crazy color trend like citrus that would be

    trendy one season then it would on 'to ditch list'.
  13. I think they are always in. I am inevitably drawn to them, but have never been able to keep a white bag for more than one season. I guess I'm kind of a mess. So I usually stick to TJ Maxx finds for white or light-colored bags, and I'm trying to swear them off forever.

    I'm also partial to wearing them in summer OR winter. I think white can look pretty awesome during the winter months.
  14. White bags, like black or brown, will always be in. I think of white bags as more for spring/summer, but there are winter white bags too! I've always been afraid to wear one because I was scared of getting it dirty, but I just got one and am looking forward to wearing it when the weather gets warmer!
  15. I love white bags for summer!