white handbag, red dustbag...should i be scared??

  1. i just picked up a gorgeous new white bag for spring....but it came with a red dustbag. my instinct is to keep the two far, far apart, as i can just imagine taking the bag out one day to find it's pink...but then again, if it was going to ruin the bag, why would they make it red to begin with?

    what do you all think?
  2. I agree - I don't think the designer would put them together if there's any chance the red would transfer, but if you want to be safe, maybe you could swap the dustbag with a lighter one from a darker bag in your collection? That way you won't be worried about leaving it in there!

  3. I definitely agree - I would think the red dustbag nontransferable - but, I would probably not take the chance either. Better to do as Maedchen suggests and swap out dustbags with another in your closet. :yes:
  4. I'm sure if it somehow did rub off on the white bag, it would be their fault for making a red dust bag, so you would be able to return and get a new bag. So I wouldn't worry about it too much. May I ask what bag it is?
  5. Hmm as you said.. I'd keep them far apart :s
    congrats on your bag btw ^^
  6. I tend to use white pillowcases for dustbags since my dustbags seem to run off into the night together and are never seen again. (Honestly, I don't know what I do with them). I would use a white cotton pillow case.
  7. I wouldn't chance using that red dustbag, especially if you live in an area with high humidity......but I love the white pillowcase idea. Very cool.
  8. thanks, everyone :smile: i think the white pillowcase is the way to go...or i may just call the store & see if they'll swap it out for another color dustbag, if they have one.

    babyK, it's a cute little cole haan satchel - i've been dying for a white bag, but just couldn't bring myself to spend a lot on one, since i know i'm going to be super paranoid about it. this cole haan was the perfect fit!
  9. Every Cole Haan bag I have bought/seen comes with a red dustbag. I thought that was the only color they made dustbags in.

    If you bought it at a department store like Nordstrom I would go back and ask them to give you a white dustbag (from another brand). The department stores tend to have extra dustbags and will give them to you for free. If it is from a Cole Haan store I don't know if they will have any other colors.