WHITE guccissima leather........GOOD OR NO??

  1. K, so I have this opportunity to get the large princy hobo in the white guccissima leather but I am sooo nervous about a white bag. So those that own one, can you please chime in here..............is it HIGH MAINTENANCE?? Have you had color transfer issues with it??

    Please let me know ASAP, so I can get this bag before it's gone!
  2. I purchased a medium white guccissima Punch shoulder bag in June and used it quite frequently in the summer time and it still looks brand new without any marks/stains/wears/tears. I have not experience any color transfer issues at all. I also have a large black guccissima Princy hobo and it also looks perfect after so many uses. I love Guccissima leather and would recommend it personally.
  3. hi spacytracy,
    I've got a medium chain horsebit (I believe I have it 2 years now) and it's still in pretty good condition. not many problems with wrinkles or dirt. the only thing is that part of the chain (the leather) turned a bit yellow. I asked the SA and she said that is because the aging of the leather (+ I could bring it in any time if it bothers me a lot). (see pic)

    But I know beljw had a bad experience with her white guccissima, it got dirty after a few times...

    btw I haven't treated it with anything and I (had to) walked in the rain etc.

  4. white really scares the heck out of me..........I think I'm gonna pass on it. I mean I have 2 little kids and I'm always wearing dark jeans and I'd hate to ruin such a pretty bag.
  5. Hi leslie_x! I'm also planning to get the pelham medium in white guccisima leather...but now i'm having second thoughts!:confused1::confused1: will they clean it? do you have to pay for their service? What happened to beljw's bag? Was she able to have it cleaned?
  6. Hi reinne,
    My SA said they can replace the piece of leather of my chain. I haven't asked if I have to pay for the 'repair/cleaning' since it was just out of curiosity I asked this question.

    here's what Beljwl replied:

    maybe you could pm Desirusso - she's got a white guccissima pelham: http://forum.purseblog.com/gucci-reference-library/pics-only-show-us-your-gucci-hobos-56796-3.html

  7. Thanx leslie_x! I'm kinda new here:shame: does pm mean private message? if yes, how do i do that?:smile:
  8. you're welcome! and yes it means private message: you just have to click on her name and choose 'send a private message to desirusso' :tup:
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