white GST with silver HW on hold for me

  1. i put one on hold under my name at Saks NYC, if you're interested pm me, and i will give you the contact.
    i don't think i'm going to get the white since i'm very rough on my bags. but if you're interested, i think it's going to be gorgeous.
  2. oh the white is Gorgy!
    Are you sure you won't get it :graucho:
  3. yes, cuz i know i won't use it as much in fear of dirtying it, i'm not very careful w/ my bags...i will be either getting the medallion tote in blk or the gst in blk w/ siver
  4. Are you talking about the white gst or e/w?
  5. white GST, which is what i thought you were looking for in your previous thread, so i called and put it on hold under my name.
  6. Oh sorry for the confusion takeout!!