White GST...Pics Anyone??

  1. My SA recently told me she could get a white GST for me with silver hardware (there's 9 in the country)...Does anyone have pics of this so I can see what it looks like??? Do any of you gals have it???
  2. i don't have a pic to post but i have seen it IRL and it is absolutely gorgeous......have you seen any other GSTs IRL to get a good idea? its lush white caviar...pure white not winter white....or eggshell white................it is just gorgeous in the big tote (i consider the GST a large bag although not at all huge or oversized)
  3. i believe babydollchanel has a white gst..its GORGEOUS! she has pics in the reference section.
  4. Rebecca has one! bump so she can see this!
  5. lvbabydoll has one too.
  6. Thanks so much everyone....I think I am gonna get it when I go to Atlanta this weekend...I'll post pics (if they have one in stock, otherwise I'll have to order and wait for it to come in!!)