White Gold Tank Francaise or Stainless Steel

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  1. Obviously there is a huge price difference, so I guess my question is would it be worth the wait and the extra couple of years of not getting to wear a watch? I could get the SS one now but not sure if it will make me just want the WG one, and would I be better off putting that money towards a future (albeit distant) purchase.

    Has anyone gone through this decision-making process?
  2. If you want your SS one now, get it, then trade it in after you save the $$$ for the other one. Lots of jewelers will accept them for a "trade up."
  3. Stainless Steel! :P
  4. you should get the SS now and then trade it down the road. There will be so MANY price increases you will probably get what you paid for in a couple years
  5. I agree with the other posters - get the stainless now & enjoy it! You'll be happy as you'll have a watch you love on your wrist & can decide if you like it enough to invest in the gold version later. A Cartier in any metal is a lovely choice :smile:
  6. If your paying get the SS if its a gift get the white gold :graucho:
  7. Besides the HUGE price diff., I'll say get the SS because when your watch gets scratched, you'll feel better that is not gold, the links for the SS have more matte links, and the 18K is all high polish, therefore scratches are more noticeable.
  8. I say stainless - who but you will know if it is white gold or not? (Unless you let them hold it, LOL the gold is heavier) :shrugs: The price difference is so huge!

    I had a beautiful white gold Rolex, but big whup, it dind't look much different than SS, ad the Jubilee bracelet stretched because the gold is softer, which SS won't do. I also had a YG Tank Francaise, but didn't wear it often enough to know if the gold stretched. So I don't know if that consideration depends upon the bracelet style.
  9. Most people assume that if your watch is a white metal, then it's stainless steel. I wouldn't waste money on a gold watch unless it was yellow gold. Stainless steel is the way to go if you just want the look.
  10. I agree with the other posters, it would be a good idea to get the stainless now and then trade it in or sell it on ebay down the road especially with all the price increases. I was also thinking about going with a solid white gold watch but decided to go with stainless because it looks identical to the white gold so everyone would assume it was stainless and the solid gold is much more soft then stainless. Solid Yellow gold is also nice but its not really my prefernce. However, as another poster mentioned the white gold is polished while the stainless is matte so in this particular watch, it does change the look a bit, is this one of the reasons who want the white gold? I do prefer the polished finish on the white gold but since its so soft it will show more scratches but then eventually develop a patina over time. Ultimately, I decided that a two tone watch was the best of both worlds...
  11. Thank so much everyone!! It is hard and yes, it is because the finish is different that I get wistful for the white gold. But I wonder if I spend that much will I get wistful for the funds I spent:smile: What a decision, but I am definitely considering getting the stainless from all your comments. The WG tank americaine with black strap is more reasonable (I just am in love with white gold) but I have never been a strap watch girl but started wondering about it. It is only 8,800 (only-ha!)

    But the all metal watch look is more "me". Thanks so much for the input, it is great hearing what you all think.