White glue-like stuff coming off of my bag

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  1. Hi everybody,

    Two weeks ago I bought myself a Louis Vuitton Montaigne BB in emprainte leather.
    Since the first wear, I noticed that there is white glue-like stuff coming off of my bag. I have removed it since the first wear, but it returned last week. I showed it to my sales associate, who told me he had never seen something like that. He even asked a colleague who also had never seen it.

    Has any of you had this problem and do you know what I can do to solve it? I already own a twinset and a wallet in the same print, but also have never seen this before. I know its not much, but I saved quite a while for this bag and I just want it to be perfect.

    Kind regards,

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  2. I think the SA's reply of "not having seen anything like that" is inadequate and poor customer support. He should find out what they can do about it and inform you of your options, short of outright replacement of your Montaigne. Do go back and ask for a remedy. Wishing you luck and a good outcome!
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  3. Its actually happened to my empreinte clemence wallet. I noticed white marks at the edges. At 1st i rubbed it as i thought it was a mark but then i noticed it was actually a glue. I then used my finger nail and gently peel (lift) the glue and since then i never see it again. Maybe try to gently peel the glue and hopefully it wont come back again :smile:
  4. I agree the SA's response was not acceptable. I would not try to remove it yourself. If you make it worse, they will be quick to jump all over you and refuse to repair it.
  5. I removed it twice now and it keeps coming back. I think I will go to LV and let them come with a solution

    Thanks for the replies. Much appreciated.
  6. Take that back to LV. U paid too much to have to be peeling this off esp more than once. I'm sure they will take care of it but if they fight it, fight back and go a step higher. I would expect a different bag esp since its within the 30 day exchange per. This is defective and will prob only get worse over time. Good luck.
  7. Pls keep us updated, hope they replace your bag with a new one