White Girly Dresses

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  1. What do you think of this look?

    I really love it.


    [SIZE=-2]Bill Cunningham/The New York Times[/SIZE]​

    [SIZE=-1]Young women are seen about town in dresses that resemble those of little girls. The dresses have the airiness of a butterfly, often in eyelet embroideries or diaphanous fabrics that have been re-embroidered. Most of the dresses are white. One of the most beautiful, top right, is from Chloé in Paris, recalling the 1960’s signature baby-doll dresses that were worn by everyone, including grandmothers. The lovely butterfly wafting over the Sheep Meadow in Central Park is by the master kitemaker and flier, Frank Rodriguez, a fixture on the lawn for decades. [/SIZE][​IMG]
  2. i love white! those dresses looks very comfy!
  3. Love them! Heres my white girly dress :heart:3

  4. Love them.. they add a touch of innocence :angel: to the look.
  5. I love them! Its a combo of two of my favorite things: white and dresses = )
  6. Love! except the top right... but otherwise. :smile:
  7. If it's the right dress, LOVE it!
  8. I think they're really cute. :biggrin:
    I don't really like the white dress with the black leggings, personally though.
  9. You look fabulous! :heart:

    I love the dress. Who is it by?

  10. Thank you sonya! Its from Ann Taylor :heart:3 That one and one other dress are like the only girly dresses I own, I really like them.
  11. love it! magda berliner dress.jpg

    zac posen.jpg
  12. it can be a great look, but I too hate it when you have a really pretty white dress & then you go & put thick black tights on with it!! ok! I get it! its being ironic! its 'updating the look' but it looks awful! so stop it!

    I've been hankering after the Miu white summer shift since christmas.......
  13. I have LOTS, I love wearing white dresses. Empire line down to just above the knee and slightly shorter with a less restrictive skirt (a bit like the Chloe one in the top pic)

    I love them especially to go to the beach and strolling in the park or for picnics (I think it goes really well with the green grass). Except every time I wear one someone always push me to the ground to make me get a grassy bum, LOL!
  14. Love the look and always have.
  15. lmao bee! :biggrin:

    yeah, I know that problem! its like ,as soon as I'm in white I become a grass/stickyfingers/orange juice/ice cream/chocolate/tomato sauce/blackcurrant/mud magnet! and that is not a good look :biggrin:

    in this months Vogue (UK) they have an article about a stylist & shes wearing the Chloe tunic over jeans! how tall must she be? Its not much more than a tshirt on her! looks fabulous though...
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