WHITE FURLA to the rescue....

  1. Well I just purchased a White Furla shopper from Neiman Marcus-on line.
    It is croco-embossed and pretty large, but a nice looking bag.
    I have wanted a white bag forever, but am worried about the care of one.
    This is my chance to try one especially @268.00 sale.!
    Any thoughts on Furla bags, they are made in Italy so hope the leather is nice.
    My 20 year college daughter will enjoy, if I don't.
  2. ^ Furla bags are very well made. =)
  3. I got one croco-embossed tote in black...love it...it's light and very roomy bag.
  4. oh my goodness...I always thought they were made in Italy...then I just saw a Furla bag made in Tunisia...I gave up buying that one. I was so disappointed!
  5. really? My bag is made in Italy:yes:
  6. I only have one Furla, croc embossed in red.... It's tdf!!!
  7. Really?? Mine are all made in Italy!
    As for the care of white bags, I have a white Furla and I clean it with baby wipes and comes back to its original white, even around the handles where it darkens the most