White Frange Speedy *PICS ADDED*

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White MC Frange Speedy, Custom Mini Pleaty/Charms, or Neither, but I suggest.........

  1. White MC Frange Speedy

  2. Custom Mini Pleaty/Charms

  3. Neither, but I suggest a....................

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. It's decision time for me. I'm into LE items, & I'm going forward to collect new lines instead of hunting discontined ones. :yes: I sold my frange bucket a while back, & missed the bag :crybaby: so I ordered a frange speedy in white (really wanted a blk, but there're gone). LV only has a couple frange left in the country. Anyway, it arrived today with a small spot on the canvas, a tiny spot on the leather, & one charm was in the bottom of the dust cover. :nuts: Since I have to return it anyway, do you think I should exchange for the custom mini pleaty with charms????? I like both, but I can only get one. I also have a silver speedy on the way. Which bag do you like the best?????? Help me. lol.
  2. I LOVE the fringe line, I would stick with that personally its so different! the custom mini pleaty is awesome, dont get me wrong. I think the speedy will go farther.

    Tuff decision though. The non custom one is just as nice and thats a lot of $ for those charms (difference between the prices)
  3. Well, since you are already getting the silver speedy and the speedy franges went back and didn't come 100% well anyways...i'd completely go for the pleaty charms, sounds soso unique and better
  4. I vote for the pleaty as well. The frange speedy sounds like there could be maintenance problems.
  5. I didn't think very many people liked the fringe line. Glad to hear someone does. :yahoo:
  6. get fringes~ if they still have a perfect one..or get nothing? how much is the denim pleaty?
  7. I personally would get fringe line..I never liked it not until I saw Pfers with it. It's so unusual ..
  8. Reminds me of a car. :roflmfao: Yes, they should have inspected it.
  9. Denim pleaty is $2,500. :wtf: I will call tomorrow & see if there is a perfect one (fringe) around.
  10. FRINGE! And the white fringe is the hottest of the two colours! Very unique but gorgeous :yes: I agree that I liked it after I saw PF-ers wearing it :smile: And everyone loves the Speedy so you can't go wrong :winkiss:
  11. Well, speedy is winning. Anyone else?????? do tell...................
  12. Its a lot of $

  13. I love the Fringe, I usually love the MC Black, but for the Fringe, I'm so in lov with the MC White Fringe :tender: I wouldn't pass up a MC Black one though lol, I wish I had the $, you have a tough decision to make. Which one are you more wanting? I think if your missing your previous fringe, you might want to get the fringe.?? :yes: And what size Speedy are you getting? I seen some pfer's on here who have the 25!! Its so beautiful.
  14. Kathy, FRANGE all the way!!!:wlae:
  15. Wow Matt! The mini pleaty is on elux? Must not be that limited. lol

    Dazlinpearl, the fringe speedy only comes in a 25.