White Frames

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  1. I am not sure if I should buy white frames due to the fact that I am not sure how they will look on me. I havent had a chance to try a pair on because I am ordering them online. I really do love the look of white frames but I havent really seen anyone around here have them on, So I cant even guess how they would look.

    Does anyone have white frames that would be willing to post pictures of them (on)?

    I was thinking about getting this pair of Armani white eyeglasses

  2. ooh i'd love to see some white frames too. i think they can look really cute. i tried some on once.
  3. i think it really depends on your skin tone.. and also i think its a bit flashy for everyday wear, if you have a second pair that are a more subtle colour and you think white would compliment your skintone then i would get them
  4. ^^ agree with juu_b, as long as you have a second pair so you can "mix'n'match" i'd totally rock it!!
  5. I found Gok Wan who wears white frames and my skin tone is lighter than his.