white Flora?

  1. Hi girls -- Is the Flora pattern still available in white? Do you think I would be able to find it in Italy? I have a friend going to Italy next week who has offered to stop by Gucci for me! I love the white Flora but I only see the black available now on various department store sites -- but not at all on the gucci.com site.
  2. Hmmm.. If you don't see in online maybe try the outlets?
  3. ^ I have that bag...
  4. oooooohhhhh, Jill, any chance you could post a photo of you wearing the bag? Do you like it?
  5. ^ Look in my showcase-its in there.I actually bought the bag for a trip that I had to cancel at the last minute..So its still sitting in its dustcover unloved..LOL..I will take a pic for you tonight to give you an idea of the size and pattern etc...
    They make alot of diff variations of the Flora....with and without Bamboo handles.
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