White flirt bags

  1. Im just wondering if anyone else is into White Flirt bags? I know that the brand is pretty new (its danish I think) , but I love the style of the bags :yes: I own one black leather bag that I absolutely adore. There's something so romantic about the designs.
    Here are a few pics of my bag (sorry about the photo quality)
    Cutout 3.jpg tag 009.jpg Cutout 1.jpg
  2. It looks like a real romantic sort of look bag. I really like it. I've never heard of the brand before though.
  3. I have never seen one of those before, but I love it!
  4. They are handy bags, but the designs are sort of old fashioned at the same time :smile: And I love the lining, wich is usually pretty flowers on the bags that I have seen.
  5. I like the decorations, love the lining!