White flat boots for winter?

  1. This will be my first boot pruchase. I am always a "flats" girl, which is the main reason why this FRYE boots caught my eyes. But my only concern is its color. I am thinking the color might not be very versatile to match clothes. Any thoughts on the boots? Should I hunt for a black flat one?
    FRY 341 REVOLVE.jpg
  2. i LOVE them! white boots totally pop and matches almost everything. Must show us some modeling pics when u get them!
  3. Gorgeous! I wouldn't blink twice before buying those.
  4. gorgeous. i would get them if i am in the market for boots. i love flat boots too! white is awesomely poppy for the winter. i have been buying more and more white jackets.
  5. Love them!:tup:
  6. I like this !
  7. As long as you have other white -- such as a white jacket or a jacket with white piping -- I think they'd be great.
  8. They are very cute~ GO FOR IT!:p