White First on eBay

  1. ahh!! i want i want i want!!
    fantastic BIN price too! i hope no one snatches it up before i can ask my mum.

    thanks winona!!
  2. No problem!!
  3. Should I? Hmmm.
  4. Oh, I want it too!! It's gorgeous!! But my money tree isn't in blossom yet... ever actually!

    I hope you get it toilet duck!! It's a beauty!

    Thanks for the heads up Winona!! :smile: You're super!
  5. What types of White are there for Belenciagas?

    This one says Pearly White. Are there other kind?
  6. Is anyone familiar with this seller?
  7. I love it....but I am afraid of handles darkening easily on such a light color!
  8. btw, i have a question myself...

    since the whites that are released every season vary in tones and this bag is 2006, does that mean that this 'white' is actually Calcaire?

    If so, then the bag isn't really white, is it? More like pinkish-white?
  9. Had a white city for a short time. Will NEVER do that again. Thanks though Winona
  10. Why do you say that, Ranskimmie? Did it turn grey in 1 week? That's the only thing I'm concerned about. That and my jeans rubbing off on it.
  11. toiletduck...I have pictures of an ivory. I won't flood the thread so send me a PM if you'd like to see what it looks like!
  12. It was awful. I had the bag 1 week. Took it out twice, and even though I was very careful, the handles started to get dirty (you know the threaded rope) and I wore a red blouse that ran into the leather, it was hell to clean before I sold it. Oh and the bottom was already getting filthy. :yucky: Its a bag to only be admired from a glass case IMO:sad:
  13. Thanks for that, I was gearing up to BIN, was waiting to see if Toiletduck's mum got back to her...so she could get it, but now I think I don't want it..:huh: