WHITE FIRST NWT! BIN at only $750!!!! AND it has BO!!

  1. TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? Looks legit to me it's beauuuutiful!!!! I'm wondering if it's one of us PFers selling it to make room for some SS07 colours? ;)
  2. can't do it....i'd get it stained in 2 days *sigh* good luck to seller and buyer, beautiful bag!
  3. hehe yea sorry thanks for the link I must have forgotten to put it up :blush:
  4. ooooooooooo powderpuff it's YOURS? WOW I want it more now :drool:
  5. HAHA I can assure you it's real. I am unloading some to make room for others. I can assure you the leather on this one is really thick and I debated for hours whether to even list it. BUT I have about 10 white bags, and I want some brighter colors to even out my collection. I almost listed my Calcaire City or box then chickened out. :p
  6. WOW! Congrats to the buyer! Victoria had zero power supply for the past hour and I couldn't get back online! Oh well...
  7. Congrats Powder, one down two to go.:yahoo:
  8. Thanks girls! I hope a PF'er got it, it has fabulous, smooshy leather. Dancingqeen, I am so sorry about the power outtage. :crybaby: :crybaby:
  9. Aw I would have pounced on this Why was I out for lunch????
  10. That's alright sweetie. I hope a pfer got it too.. :love:
  11. cant beleive i've missed out on this one!
  12. That is a gorgeous bag but would be SOO hard to keep in good condition!
  13. Beautiful bag and what a great deal!