White First-799 BIN or BO!!! PFer?

  1. thats an excellent price for bag that is in very good condition! i wish it was a city or twiggy... I'd snap it up!
  2. I agree that it is a heckuva deal...But I'm 5'9" and look like a fool with a tiny purse!!! If I stuck it under my arm, it probably would not be seen!!! ;)
  3. the white first is so cute!!!
  4. yowza, that's an amazing deal & the bag looks perfecto to me :tender:
  5. Hmm, too bad she only ships to the US and Europe. Weird combo of places!
  6. Oooh! Great price! I've always wanted a white First since I saw Chauss's pic, but I'm waaaay too paranoid about it getting dirty. lol. Is this a PFer's auction?
  7. White is so cute in the first style!
  8. I made an offer!!! :yahoo:

    I'm almost afraid that she'll accept it! (quite a chunk of change) I have a bordeaux City that I purchased from someone here third-hand several months ago and am VERY happy with it, so I know I'll be OK with a used bag, but still. Most people would think it's crazy to pay many hundreds of dollars for a used handbag!!!

    (plus I'm worried what my DH is going to say. Doh! And he still doesn't know that I've preordered a bag in Blue India. Double doh!)
  9. does anyone know if this is a PFer's auction?
  10. Judging by the seller's name "bagaddict" I think it is. Bagaddict has posted here before, not for about a month though.
  11. Yes - I'm bag*addict on ebay. It's my auction. Congratulations, Reovi. :smile:
  12. I think Kristy won this actually... But congrats on your auction!
  13. I won! :smile: Now to break the news to DH.
  14. Pfff - thanks for the clarification. :shame: