white fendi spy bag

  1. HI,

    I'm new in here ,and i'm going to buy my first fendi .I usually stick with lv and chanel. does anyone have a white spy bag ? does it easy to get dirty ? and does anyone have a pictures? what do you think of the white spy bag .. THanksss :yahoo:
  2. I have it and love it :love: I haven't had it long enough to really tell how it holds up but so far so good.
    Picture 011.jpg
  3. can i have a pic of you wearing it ??

  4. I'm so bad at taking pics of myself but I'm just about 165cm and wearing 10 cm heels.
    Picture 022.jpg
  5. Thank you so much !!! appreciate it .. !georgous bag
  6. I love your white spy bag!
  7. Do they have smaller spy in white??
  8. i'd like to ressurect this thread to ask how have your white spies held up?
  9. wow I never thought about the white spy, but OMG that's gorgeous!!
  10. I have the baby and it's held up pretty well. The original owner didn't take *quite* as good care of it as I like to think I do, so it's slightly soiled, but other than that, it's fantastic. Day to day dirt and what not comes off with a damp towel or plain saddle soap and water. The handles are actually still in perfect condition, which is funny considering that's what soils first on most other bags.