White Eyelet Summer Dresses

  1. Hey y'all, I have been searching and searching for a white summer dress on the internet and i cant find like any! You know, the kind there selling at old navy right now? There not even on old navy's site! If you find anything out there, please reply to this! I'm desprate! Oh yeah, and I'm kinda hoping to find one around $20- OR less than that would be AMAZING!!
  2. you can't even get a dress at F21 for under $20.
  3. oh trust me i have!
  4. hey this is my new username, do to the fact that the last one didn't work so we made a new one!!
  5. Well, as we don't know where you live (according to ur profile you live up our butt?) I don't think we can help you that easy.

    Like I can tell u were to get a dress like that for about £20- £30 in London- New Look.
  6. try asos.com
  7. [edit] Can you show a picture of the style you're looking for? I'll try and find something online.