White Expandable Flap

  1. Nordstrom Mall of America just received one reissue of the white expandable flap. The retail price is $2650.
    Expandable White.JPG
  2. very pretty!!!
  3. hi, Chanelboy,
    I perfer black.Do you have the Black Expandable Flap?
  4. Hello CHanelboy,
    is this the one from the spring/summer stock?

    I know there are new Exp flaps for the winter. What colors do they come with?
    any brown-ish color?

  5. No, this piece is from the fall/winter collection. We will only receive this one in white.
  6. chanelboy, do u have the cotton club available? pls post pix if you do, TIA!
  7. pretty!
  8. The chain of the fall/winter stock is different from the spring/ summer one!

    Very pretty bag!
  9. Oh it's soo gorgeous!! Why is it called reissue?? What's the difference of this new one to the old one?
  10. this one has a single strap as opposed to 2 straps on last years version. Jill recently posted comparison pics. She also noted that the newer (and more expensive!!) version has nicer hardware.
  11. beautiful bag.
  12. The newer version is a bit nicer, I really like this bag....it was a very popular item last spring.
  13. Is this white more "white" compared to the spring/summer one? Because I remember seeing one in NM but it was more like a cream color..
  14. This one is also a cream color. Actually, it is more of a greyish white.
  15. Is this lambskin?