White Epi Alma....

  1. I stopped by LV yesterday to pick up an agenda refill and ended up falling in love.... :love: :love: :love:

    My SA showed me the new white Epi that will be available in March and honestly I nearly fainted. It is absolutely gorgeous. Apparently white is going to be big this season. Yey for me since I have been craving a white forever! I have been waiting for a new bag to come out and steal my heart. However, I have some reservations about getting an all white bag. I have pretty much settled on the fact that I need an Alma - but will I be able to maintain an all white Alma? :shrugs:

    So, my question for all my fellow tPFers is.... which Alma shall I get?


    1. White Epi
    2. Mono
    3. Damier
    4. other

    :wlae: Thanks in advance for all your help! :wlae:
  2. White epi alma sounds like my dream bag... definately that, hands down.
  3. I love love love the damier alma :heart: im not a huge epi fan though and that white will get dirty ...I saw in another thread someone talking about the fact that they have seen the white epi IRL and some of the floor pieces were already scuffed!
  4. I have the black MC one, which I love... so that's my 1st choice...
    I want an Epi, too and the new white sounds great... Epi! followed by Damier :yes: I love Almas.... :love:
  5. Oh it's TDF - and the interior is this light gray alcantra... :drool: :drool: :drool: ... I honestly couldn't keep my hands off of it. It didn't look pure white though it had a subtle gray undertone. So I wonder if that would help it from getting dirty? :shrugs:
  6. I looked at the MC line - but my husband shot it down. Plus, I would freak if the colors started to rub off. :hysteric: I tend to really use my bags (which is why the white also worries me).
  7. sounds like you really love the white epi, lisa :smile: alma is such a nice bag, i love my white mc :smile:
  8. I definitely had a difficult time tearing myself away from the white epi. However, I don't have any Epi pieces.... should a big white bag be my first? argh... decisions decisions!
  9. at last a white bag from LV that is NOT vernis! I can't wait. I had a bad experience with my pink, silver and beige vernis turning yellowish that is why I swore not to buy a white one.
  10. :wtf:

    Do you think the epi would turn yellow as well? :s
  11. I saw the white in the store yesterday and it is really GORGEOUS! I have a black epi Alma, or I would be all over that. I'm looking at the Passe instead. But the Alma is fab, as is the speedy...:drool: and the white is very similar in color to the white Suhali, so LUX

    You'll love it and epi is very sturdy.
  12. I think I'd rather get white epi than any alma with vachetta. White is easier to keep clean than vachetta and you don't have to worry about it getting nasty.
  13. I think light/bright color alma looks hot!!

    White, Vanilla, Yellow.... ummmmm gorgeous!!!
  14. I see you are in Oregon - did you go to the Pioneer Square LV? If so I was there yesterday around 5pm. :wlae:

    I currently have a Mono Speedy 30 that I adore - that's why I was thinking an Alma would be a good fit for me.
  15. The white epi line sounds like a dream :love:

    What colour is the hardware, silver or brass?