White Epi Alma

  1. Has anyone else heard of the White Epi Alma being released this summer...it's part of their new White Epi Line?! I have got to get my hands on one!!!:yahoo:
  2. Yes, it is available March 1st.
  3. YUMMIE!!!! This is the alma I want!!! (one of em)...
  4. There is no chance it will yellow right? Isn't the Epi Leather treated? Anyone know the color hardware...silver or gold?
  5. ^^dont think it will yellow, SA said the Epi leather is very durable. the hardware is silber...which it were gold....
  6. Ivorie Epi Alma available right now on Eluxury if you're interested.
  7. :yes: :yes: There are many Ivoire items on elux right now.
  8. It may not yellow (and of course that cannot be guranteed...one will just have to wait and see), keeping it clean may be another story.
    I have two white bags from MCM and one (older) got so dirty I hardly used the second one. It got so dirty in the corners and cleaning it was a PITA as you can't use certain products.

    I'm sure it'll be a beautiful site when new though!
  9. ^^ Wow thanks will check it out, white epi sounds intriguing!
  10. JoJo LOVE your collection! TO DIE FOR!
  11. White Epi sounds breathtaking! :heart:
  12. :cutesy: Hehehe...thank you...you're too sweet :shame:
  13. White epi- cannot wait to see it IRL
  14. Yup, the Ivorie bags are gorgeous!
  15. I think i need to add it to my wishlist, but I don't know which style that I want yet. It'll be the first white bag in my life:love: