White Elisha

  1. I've been looking for a blonde or black Elisha on sale, missed a couple of deals on eBay, and now it looks like the only one I can find on sale is the white. How many of you ladies have the white Elisha? Do you love it, or is it a pain? Does it look too big in white? I don't have any white bags, and though I'm not very hard on my bags, I don't want to regret it.:confused1:
  2. I bought the white in the Spring and as soon as I got it I thought it was a beautiful white handbag. But I didnt think twice about keeping it. I knew it would be very high maintenance. And I didnt want a bag like that. But it was beautiful.
  3. I have a white Elisha that I got at a pretty deep discount. It's a great bag. I carried it quite a bit over the summer. Now, it is tucked away in its dustbag until next summer. I didn't find it overly large (in white) or particularly high maintenance. But, I'm very careful with my bags and my kids are older now, so no dirty hands or finger prints ever touch it!
  4. Thanks for your input! I'm still undecided. I'm hoping a blonde one will pop up somewhere!
  5. Might be better to go for a blonde, missmary, the white Elisha is very white, no ivory...
  6. Yes, it is very white. But, it's not the same leather as what was used on the ivory Siennas or Marcelles. It's much sturdier and has a sheen to it that makes it easier to clean up and more resistant to minor stains and smudges.
  7. i have a white elisha as well and i absolutely LOVE it! its my very first kooba :] it's such a beautiful bag in white, its hard to part w/ it!
  8. Well I swore SWORE I would never own a white bag and tonight I went ahead and ordered a White Skye Gryson bag because I saw a pic of it on the main forum. It does have contrasting brown leather trim but the bag looked scrumptious and I love the leather used on the Skye's. I will Wilson that baby to death and hope.......
  9. That was the bag I almost got instead of the white Elisha Lexie. But, at the time, it was a lot more expensive. I think it's a neat looking bag and you may use it more than you think during the spring and summer.
  10. I have been looking for a white bag and was thinking about looking for a Sienna on eBay or Off Fifth, but I just looked at the white Elisha and it is so, so pretty! There is one on eBay now that is about $425 and another on a website w/ a discount code that comes to $400....
  11. I would think that those bags might come down in price some more, over the next few weeks. It was a spring/summer bag and here we are in Fall (at least over here in the States). Kooba.com has some, though they seem to take forever to mark their bags down. Understandable, I guess. It depends on whether or not you are willing to risk losing out. The white was probably the least popular color of the Elisha so there should be a few bouncing around. NM has the blonde and the black still at full price and I keep thinking those are going to go to the sale page any day now.