White edges on grenat/oxblood and bordeaux bags?

  1. Is it common for grenat or bordeaux bags to have white edges?

    I did a search and found posts about white edges on the tassels, but what about the edges on the front, back, and bottom of the bags themselves? BalNY has a grenat city with otherwise nice color and leather but it seemed like the dye didn't take on any of the edges. I really liked the bag other than this but thought the white edges would bother me. Maybe I'm being too picky and I would get over it, but I'm not sure.

    Daphne said that it can be hard for leather to accept reddish dyes. Looking at photos of grenat and bordeaux bags on TPF and ebay it seems like this may be fairly common.

    For those of you who have (or had) bags in these colors, what has been your experience?
  2. I was planning to get the grenat city until all the bags I saw had white edges both on the bag and the tassels. I called Bal NY (this was shortly after grenat was released) and they verified that all of the bags in stock at the time had white edges. They said it was possible that some would come in without, however, I'm not sure if future releases were better because I ended up getting rouge vif instead. No white edges on my rouge vif!

    I don't think you are being super picky--for me the white edges were enough to make me pass on this color...
  3. I had one and it bugged me that the dye that was on the exposed edges of the trim wasn't consistent. There was a darker red in some places and almost white in other places. I haven't noticed this on my rouge theater bag but it was on the grenat I had. I assumed it was just a lack of quality but maybe it has something to do with that burgandy color? Certainly enough to make me not want a bag in the grenat color.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. At least I know its not just me being picky.
    I may just pass on the color. If I did get grenat, it would be in a day bag instead of a city, since the white edges would only be an issue on the tassels. Or I would try to get an 05 bordeaux city, although I'm not sure if there were similar problems with the dye.
  5. They had this problem with some of the magenta bags last year.:yes:
  6. Hmm--I think that would bother me too. I don't mind it on tassels, but on the bag itself...
  7. I have white edges on my grenat City, but I am not fussed. It's ONLY a BAG, after all.
  8. I purchased a grenat from BalNY at the end of Sept and I picked out one that didn't have any white edges. When I was there earlier in Sept, almost all had the white but they told me to wait for the next batch. One of my tassels has the white but i don't mind that.
  9. My bordeaux first doesn't have white edges :smile:
  10. I had this problem with both my grenat work and my rouge vif city. It bugs me, too. seems to me that, for the price of the bag, they should employ someone to personally touch up each bag. I have found that moisturizing your bag wil draw the color into the the non-colored areas.
  11. Thanks for your comments everyone.

    I agree with others that white on the tassels is no big deal.

    Kathleen - Its helpful to know that conditioning can help.

    Rocco - I think I've seen a photo of your first and it's beautiful! It seems like the bordeaux firsts generally had really nice color and leather.
  12. i have the bordeaux first and bordeaux city. i haven't noticed that at all.

    i was considering a grenat, but i better do my homework first:smile:
  13. I don't remember seeing it as much on the bordeaux bags as on the grenat.
  14. I think the firsts don't have the same problems as the city or work because they don't have the same edges.:smile: