white east/west modern chain

  1. I just got a call that there is one white east/west modern chain tote on hold for me. I've decided to wait. If anyone is interested in this bag...pm me and I'll give you the SA's phone number.
  2. is this at Saks?
  3. No, Neiman's.
  4. i need it in the old chain. :sad:
  5. Modern chain tote or moden chain flap? I don't one but just clarifying if anyone was not sure
  6. I'm confused as well.
  7. White modern chain, east west tote. It was originally a cruise peice. It has the really large, heavy chain with leather threaded through. Some stores have been getting small amounts of restock.
  8. The modern chain collection was from fall 06. There was an e/w tote, n/s tote, and a flap in two sizes. Pics are in the reference library.
  9. I didn't realize it was a fall line. I only saw it at Neimans trunk show for cruise.
  10. which location?
  11. I have this in red. It's a beautiful bag! I'm sure the white is stunning!
  12. Is it still possible to order this bag from my local store? Or is it too late to try?