White Dust Bags?

  1. Hi Girls... are those white dust bags I see on the bay actually coach bags or are they fakes? I have always gotten a brown bag at the boutiques or outlets. I keep seeing them on there and I've been wondering.
  2. They use white for purses that the brown may get colour transfer from. My amethyst sabrina came with a white bag.
  3. I've seen a lot of fakes on the Bay with fake white dust bugs. However, Coach does have white dust bags. I've gotten some from the FP store and department stores in white. Specifically, my Alex bags (dark gray patent and black patent) were in white dust bags.
  4. I get both white and brown satin bags from Coach or Dillard's and white muslin bags from the Coach outlet.
  5. My black Sabrina has a white.
  6. If memory serves me correctly all their dust bags used to be white. It wasn't until some years ago that they switched to the brown ones. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. My Carly, all 5 of my Sabrinas have white and my Hailey has white. My new k
    Kristin yellow and turquise opart have the brown. I prefer white, as I own nothing brown.
  8. My signature Ali (purchased in a Coach boutique) came with a white satin bag.
  9. my sabrina black and brown from the coach store had a white dust bag . i got the sabrina when they came out
  10. thanks for the info! I've been wondering. I usually buy dark bags so maybe that's why I get the brown dust bags.
  11. yeah i got my sabrina 's at the boutique the week they came out and they both came with a white dust bag
  12. I just recieved my chalk kristin hobo (it was shipped from another store since my boutique was out of it) and I was really surprised that it came with a brown dust bag since I thought white and light colored purses were supposed to have white dust bags to prevent color transfer.
    Oh well, I'll just have to switch it with a white dust bag from one of my other purses.
  13. I have white dust bags a lot especially for my wristlets.
  14. All the dustbags were a dingy tannish brown until they started using the brown one with red stitching about 7 years ago. As of two years ago, any bag with patent on it or is susceptible to color transfer will receive a white dustbag with brown cording. White thin, almost transparent bags with red cording are factory dusters.
  15. The last time I was in my boutique they gave me white dustbags.