White DS owners

  1. I have a white DS tote, it's only 2 weeks old--and some of the dyes from my dark shirts are transferring onto my bag, and it is looking dingy. Is anyone else having this problems, and any suggestions on cleaning?
  2. That's actually a good question. I hope someone might be able to provide some help with that. I ordered the light silver cotton club which is basically like a pearly white, so I'm a little worried that there might be a clothing dye transfer on that one, too.
  3. Try a product called Leather CPR which can be purchased in Bed Bath & Beyond stores or hardware stores. It's great!!
  4. I have a DS bag, but havent worn it yet w/o a jacket or coat......so no transfer issues.......yet!!!
  5. GUESS WHAT GIRLS!!!! I read through some old posts, and found where someone had suggested shea butter baby wipes, so I tried them and THEY WORKED!!!! :smile: :yahoo:

    I tried soap/water, regular baby wipes and neither worked.

    So, here is what I bought and it worked like a charm. Literally, the bag looks like it did the first day I bought it! And, it was a black sweater that had transferred.

    Huggies, Shea Butter Baby Wipes.
  6. great to know! thanks for the info and so glad it worked for you!