White distressed leather reissue or caviar flap?

  1. Dear Chanel ladies, please help! I’m thinking to get a white color flap but can’t make up my mind. A white distressed leather Reissue or a caviar classic flap? I want to get a white bag for a very long time but always worry about the high maintenance. Which one do you think is a better buy and why? Thanks in advance.
  2. That's an incredibly tough decision. Which white reissue were you thinking of - the White with grey tones or the Dark White? However, if you really don't want to worry any maintenance, the caviar classic flap is the way to go.
  3. :love:
  4. caviar classic flap...if, maintenance is yr main concern.
  5. Thanks ladies. Indeed it is hard to decide. I love the reissue but worry too much about color transfer and scratches. And I have no idea how to maintain distressed leather even I have a pink distressed leather flap. When it comes to White, it’s scary…
  6. If you worry too much, you should get the caviar classic. Plus you already have a bag with distressed leather. You cant go wrong with either but the classic is my choice.
  7. I agree! Go for the caviar...
  8. I would go for caviar personally.
  9. Caviar flap
  10. Thanks everyone, caviar, that's what I thought at first as well. I've been waiting for one with gold HW for a while and my SA only could get me a silver one. I want GOLD :hysteric:

    At last, I've deciced to get them both. I know it's a bit silly to get 2 white flaps especially I don't wear light colors very often. But it's so hard to let go the 2005 limited reissue. I guess the caviar can wait a while as it's always there. So I will have a reissue with silver chain and a caviar with gold hardware. It would be a nice collection though. :p

    I'm very lucky as my bf is very understanding. However, it gets a bit stress when he keep asking how much they cost. I feel guilty sometimes even that's my money.
  11. I was in the same predicament last week. I was tempted by a white reissue but chose caviar for durability and low maintenance. LOVE Caviar. The white reissue is gorgeous too but I do worry about transfer on it and am not sure how I'd be able to clean it. I have done well with removing transfer from caviar with saddlesoap and water so I went with a white caviar flap.