White discoloration all over my caviar flap...

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  1. This is the second thread I've started this week about problems that I've found with my bags! Needless to say, I'm beyond frustrated and disappointed.

    Earlier this week, I noticed that the center of my black hardware on my chevron so black was turning green. Today, I pulled out my jumbo caviar flap (that's less than a year old!) and noticed that there is this weird white discoloration that is all over the burgundy inside of the double flap, as well as on the black caviar. I'm not sure what's causing it, as it's not residue that can be brushed off easily (so I didn't spill anything), I live in a dry climate (so not due to humidity), and I always take a lot of care to store my bags properly. This wasn't there when I last used the bag a month or so ago...

    I haven't had a chance to use actual cleaner on it yet, I've had tried rubbing it off with my fingers, but even if cleaner works, I'm still curious why it's happening. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. The ones on the burgundy inside flap looks very similar to what was happening to my black Mansur Gavriel bucket bag. I had some of those white discoloration on quite a lot of the areas on the bag. My guess was it happened because of my sunscreen. I'm sure I didn't spill anything or touched anything because that time I've only brought out the bag for the first time for like 20 mins walking! So I think the sunscreen on my body must have rubbed on the bag (it was summer). Not sure if that's true but for mine, most of it was gone with a lotion.
  3. Did you use a conditioner or protector or another product on the bag? It just looks like residue, I think it would come off with a damp cloth.
  4. I'm pretty certain it wasn't anything that rubbed off, because I never wear sunscreen or body lotion (bad, I know!!). I went to the Chanel boutique and they they've seen it happen to bags when they are stored in a damp area inside the box (as opposed to out in the dust bag). I explained that my bag is always in its dustbag, sitting on a bookshelf in a dry climate, so there's no good explanation. Good news is, it came off with some conditioner. I guess it'll just be a mystery.
  5. I hadn't used a conditioner on it for many months, so I'm still not sure what it was. But good news is that it came off with conditioner!! I just wish I knew what caused it.
  6. Good news that it came off. Could it be make-up/lotion from your hands?
  7. I've thought about that, but I never wear lotion on my hands, and I always wash my hands with soap after putting on makeup because I hate getting it on my clothes. I guess the moisture thing might be the most possible answer, but it's really been so dry in CA. I guess as long as it's not mold that's spreading... haha.
  8. perhaps what happened to your bag is the same another tpfer's bag. see pic for Chanel's answer.


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  9. Valentine, this is most helpful! None of the other possibilities seemed to work, since I don't use lotions and don't store the bag in a wet climate, but I can definitely see dryness being an issue. I usually alternate through my bags a few weeks at a time, so sometimes a bag can be sitting on my shelf for a few months in between use. It seems like I should take care to condition them occasionally, even if I'm not using them right then. Thanks so much!
  10. You are welcome. glad that it helped.
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