White Dior Saddle vs. Ivory Paddington


Sep 13, 2005
Okay, this may not even be a question to many of you, but its a serious one for me. Granted I don't buy that $10,000+ watch I am debating about (because if I buy it there will not be any bags for at least a few months :lol: ), I will be buying some bags. I want to buy a new white one but only really want one new white one. The question is, should it be the white leather dior saddle or the ivory paddington?

Keep in mind that I want the white bag to match my J12 and some other white things I am planning to get:love:

Here is a picture of the Ivory paddington:


I couldn't find an online picture of the white Dior saddle, but its basically the same color as the white paddington, just in the saddle style. I am also on the waitlist for a white saddle w/flower embroidery, so either saddle vs. the paddy.

I really like both and I feel I'm a bit partial to the saddle because I have a saddle collection:love: The paddington is such a great size though, and has a lot of character. Price shouldn't be taken into account either since they are within around $200 of each other.

Thanks in advance!:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
crap, I'm not sure if the NM site picture shows the accurate color. I was just looking @ the large paddington hobo in ivory and it looks a lot more yellowish. Does anyone have this Chloe color and can tell me if its more white? I want a white bag :biggrin: Doens't have to be a bright white, but more white than not.
i definately pick the paddington, no offense to your saddle collection i still like you! but the saddle bag reminds me of a kidney. :sick:
I'd go with the Paddy. The slouchy shape jsut does it for me!!

And didn't you already get a watch?? Haha... maybe I'm out of it all!!
^^^It had a LINT under the crystal and there is no stock left for that particular one. So I'm waiting for the new shipment, however if you read my SA love? thread, I'm in love with my sales associate and want to upgrade, possibly to the diamond bezel J12. This would totally set my bag habit back for a few months though :lol:

hehe yeah, the saddles remind people of all kinds of stuff, one of my friends even said it looks like balls, I can't see that one, but w/e. I love the paddington too, now I just need to find out if it is more white than yellowish like in the large ivory paddy pic on NM.com.
Without a picture of the saddle its hard to say but this is my issue with the Paddington/J12 combo.....the J12 is really white WHITE. Not only is the Paddington kinda creamy, but the abundant yellow metal adds even more of a creamy tone. I think, if you want the bag to go with the watch, I'd look for a whiter bag and one with less yellow metal. What color is the metal on the Dior? If its silvertone, I'd go with that.

And that comment comes from someone who owns two Paddingtons and doesn't like the Dior! Its just a question of matching.
^^^yeah, thats why I was concerned about the color. I've never seen a white Chloe in person and the two pics on NM are slightly different so I can't tell what the true color is.

I just need an effin white bag :lol:
^^^is going to be the saddle version of this:


Not sure what it'll look like yet. There is also a plain white saddle with awesome leather though, either one :biggrin:
I think the saddle with that embroidery will be really pretty. The white paddies tend to be more creamy than true white, so maybe the Dior is a better choice. And I love both styles, so I'm trying not to be biased. ;)