White Dior Gaucho

  1. NM at Troy has a White Gaucho in Medium. It's on hold- call Lisa at NM (248) 635-8442. Go get it! It's the last one there!
  2. I just realized that my original post is not clear- the bag is totally up for grabs even though it is on hold- Lisa was just putting it aside in case anyone is interested. It's up for grabs!
  3. So did anyone call and get the Gaucho? If so, please post pics!!!
  4. I'm going to call in the morning.....hoping it's still there!! If anyone else knows where I can get one, please let me know!
  5. Let me know what happens! Good luck!!!
  6. Hi there is a white leather medium Gaucho at Dior in Bal Harbor. At least there was one this past Saturday.
  7. Thank you Jag!! Just bought it this morning from Lisa!
  8. Throwing confetti in their air to celebrate! Love that bag and glad its going to a fellow PF member! Post pics when you get it so we can drool!